Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One Crazy Fun Month of May!

Well, time sure flies when you are having fun! May was a month full of travel, fun, and family! We were able to spend time with the Hoggans and the Maxfields and were spoiled very much and are grateful for wonderful families that we love so very much! After visiting family, we headed off to California, arrived safely and soundly, and moved into a cute little studio apartment. I am surprised to say that I love my studio apartment more than I have ever loved any of my other apartments. It is cozy, easy to keep clean, and pretty much just wonderful-except for the fact that I have a mini-oven that doesn't fit any of my cookie sheets in it... California is fabulous and I have become a regular beach bum! Mike started his job and loves it! He is working for a company called World Minerals, which is a subsidary of a company called Imerys. They have treated him very well and have given him many, many projects to start working on. He is very fortunate to have gotten this job because they only took 9 interns this summer and Mike was told that they chose him from a stack of hundreds of resumes. He admits that it is a little overwhelming, but this opportunity is giving him excellent experience and is quite a resume booster. All the ladies in the main office love him already and everyone else will as soon as they realize what a hard worker he is! I am so proud of him! Since we have arrived, we have just been exploring everywhere! We have visited several beaches, found a library close by for me, a movie theatre for Mike, and spent time with family in Riverside. We hope that everyone else is doing well, we love and miss all our family and friends, and will keep you all updated the best we can!