Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Valentine's Recap

So it is sooo like me to never do anything on this blog and expect people to know what is going on with us. Yeah, you can probably guess that this is Mike, because Brit is usually on top of this thing. However, since Brit and I are states away at the moment and I have the pictures, the fate of our social lives lies on my rusty fingers. After about a month and half being apart from Brittany, I have started to feel the effects of drifting away into nothingness and feeling quite by myself. It's true! There is nothing better than spending endless hours with your best friend. We do have Skype and everyday calls, but it just isn't the same and I'm missing my better half. So I give myself much credit on the most fantastic Valentine's weekend ever; I'm still patting myself on the back.

So Brit has been missing me pretty bad, and I admit that the feeling is mutual. For about 2 weeks straight she is wanting me to fly home and be with her and I tell her no-can-do. It's hard having very little time off and being way too far to make a round trip drive. She understands but lets me know that if I really loved her I would find my way there. Sound familiar to anyone? To my surprise, I get a tip that an uncle has a free plane ticket with Brit's name on it for whenever I wanted. So I decided to let Brit slather on the guilt while I held firm to my decision to stay put. She was clueless the whole two weeks prior while I planned a two night getaway to San Francisco.

I reserved a hotel, dinner, and a fun two days. So while she was wishing for miracles, I was creating them. Aren't I the coolest guy ever? I'm so smug right now, it's awful. Just to make sure the surprise works, I sent her a bouquet of roses just days prior with a note saying, "Why spend Valentine's all alone when you can spend it with me in San Fran". To her credit she thought the note was phony telemarketing ploy to get her to buy something, which is totally understandable because I'm so horrible at these type of things. She was so excited on flying out with only a days notice. And I was excited to make her happy.

I picked her up in San Jose, Saturday afternoon and it was AWESOME! Wow, I really missed her. We drove around Cupertino for a quick lunch and I had to show her where Apple HQ was. She then chatted my ear off all the way to the hotel where we got dressed for the evening. I had reservations downtown at a restaurant called Zare at Fly Trap.

I know that sounds really weird but the food was really, really, really good. It serves Mediterranean style dishes with a touch of Persian influence. I was a bit nervous honestly because this was the type of place where wine is the main money maker. If you don't drink wine, you save your self about $100 dollars and make some servers quite upset due to way smaller tips. I was relieved with the great service and great food. Brit had grilled Moroccan-style salmon with toasted fregola, blue lake green beans and charmoula while I had lamb shank, black-eyes beans, fingerling potatoes and some torsi. The meat was extremely tender, it was so good. Mmmmmm.

Afterward we walked down to the bay and took in the nice brisk air. It was 55 degrees and clear night skys. We decided that The Lovely Bones would be a nice way to end the evening before we called it a night.

The next day we decided to see everything that Brit has never seen before. I'd had been to San Fran before back when I was in Jr. High but this was Brit's first. So we went to the Conservatory of Flowers and walked around Golden Gate park.

We then went to go see some of the redwood near Sausalito. It was packed on the road so we decided to return on another time. We did get out and take pictures of Golden Gate bridge and expensive ones at that. I didn't think about having change on me, who has change anymore these days anyways? People that live in the bay area thats who. Because I didn't have $6 for the toll on the way back over the bridge, they charged me $31 to get through! Needless to say we didn't attempt to go back over to see them trees!

Finding parking downtown is impossible, although pretty fun on those hills. After much stress, we parked near Fisherman's Wharf and got some good seafood dinner. I then decided to joy ride and drive down the beautiful coastline along the 1 . The rest of that evening was maniacal! We tried to find Baskin Robbins that didn't exist, google map app said there was one in Half Moon Bay which was lie, and my clutch decides to lock up on a hill 10 minutes from the hotel. Where did the karma go? I did finally get the car shifting and we found a Baskins so the night ended up alright after all.

All I can say is that Valentine's weekend was extra awesome for both Brit and I. Hopefully soon we'll have Brittany back posting some good entries, she probably could have given this one with a little more tact and a lot more lovin. G'nite!