Wednesday, October 29, 2008

To cut or not to cut?

I have never seen a man with as much hair on his head as Mike has. He will NEVER go bald. He gets a haircut and three days later, he needs another one. Women would kill for his hair. I hate to admit it, but he has better hair than I do. However, recently his personal hair stylist decided to become a lawyer (I guess we weren't paying you enough Brandon!) and moved to Moscow, and Mike's hair has become longer and longer. He just hasn't been able to keep up with it. For those of you who know Mike well, you know that he is not a cheapskate. He loves to spend money and buy himself new things; but for some reason he refuses to spend money on a haircut. I decided to ignore it for a while, but when he started having to borrow my bobby pins to pin his hair back so he could take a test in the testing center, I knew it was time for that hair to go. As a result, I came up with a fabulous idea. I would cut Mike's hair. Last week, I calmly told him what I would do, watching the panic fill his eyes. Too bad he had no choice. I somehow figured out how to put the little black guard thingys on his clippers, sat him in a chair, and began to buzz. I couldn't help giggling the entire time- partly because it was really funny and partly because it made Mike more and more nervous every time I did it. To his surprise, and mine actually, we didn't end up having to shave his head. The only casualties were my fingernail (which somehow got a hair stuck in it, don't ask me how, it's even still there) and my kitchen floor (which I am still finding hair on, even after I have swept it about 10 times). And I now have a handsome husband who can take tests in the testing center, get good grades, which will hopefully lead to a good job someday making us lots of money. I would like to give my thanks to Brandon Ritchie and his four finger technique. It worked wonderfully!!!

Before Shot He looks nervous...

After Shot
He looks handsome!

P.S. Read below!
Okay, okay. Mike never borrowed my bobby pins to pin his long hair back behind his ears. However, I have evidence that he does sometimes borrow my earrings... I love him! He always makes me laugh!!!

The Haunted Mill...

So for FHE the other night, Mike and I, Kurtiss and Michelle, and Mark and Mallory all went to the Haunted Mill. It was so much fun! Michelle, Mallory, and I all screamed like crazy...except I actually think our husbands scared us more than the guys with the scary masks and chain saws. Michelle spent most of the time bear-hugging my back, which was fine with me because at least I knew who was behind me! However, the girls weren't the only ones who got scared. I am not supposed to tell anyone, but I am afraid that I heard Mike scream and felt him jump several, several times. It was so much fun and we are grateful for wonderful friends!!!