Monday, March 28, 2011

The Big Book of Birth

Recently, Mike and I discovered the local library. It is a gold mine of information. I checked-out several books on labor and delivery in order to educate myself more fully. I have spent the last week reading The Big Book of Birth by Erica Lyon. It has been full of little gems of information, teaching me what is going to happen to my body during labor and suggesting multiple ways in order for me to cope with the entire process. Surprisingly, as I read, my once epidural-determined mind opened up to the idea of natural childbirth and a belief that I really just might be able to handle the pain on my own, that it might be a Wonder Woman challenge I am willing to undertake. Until I read the chapter titled, “Pushing”. It was full of words and phrases like 15 minutes to 4 hours, ring of fire, watermelon-sized bowel movement, work, breathing, tearing, burst blood vessels, and episiotomy. It was full of pictures of suggested pushing positions that made me cringe in horror at the thought that I might have to replicate them. As a result, I have decided one of two situations will occur during my delivery. Number 1: Being pregnant isn’t so bad…my baby can just stay put and I will avoid this whole pushing thing altogether! Or number 2: Take advantage of technology and pray I am able to receive an epidural that lasts a very, very long time! Who wants to be Wonder Woman anyways? Her nemesis, Circe, had a much sexier costume.