Thursday, December 25, 2008

We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

Christmas is a wonderful time of year! I love the snow, the presents, the family-time, the lights, the music, the tree, my nativity set, the food...everything! And this year has not let me down! We spent our Christmas in Burley with Mike's family. Since Mike's mom is from Colombia, we decided to do Christmas Colombian-style and open our presents at midnight Christmas morning. We spent Christmas Eve eating great food, playing games, sharing our goals for the next year because none of us we be there for New Years, and when midnight rolled around, we dug into the pile of presents under the tree! Here are some pictures of all our festivities...

Our Christmas Eve started out with lots and lots of snow! Mike's house was covered so much!!!

Our Christmas tree!

I can't believe this happened again, but Mike got caught cooking part of the dinner for Christmas Eve! His mom looks shocked. He is getting really good at garlic cheddar biscuits so if you're hungry you know who to call!

Mike read the Tale of the Three Trees and Dad Hoggan read the story of Christ's birth from Luke, it was a great reminder of what Christmas is really about.

The entire Hoggan family!

Everyone looks excited except for me...and I don't know what face that is exactly.

Mom and Dad Hoggan, aren't they cute?

Mike's beautiful twin sisters, Liz and Lynnette.

That was a huge pile of paper, bows, and bags. Everyone got so spoiled. Me, especially. We are so grateful for family! We have been blessed with two wonderful families who love and support us. We are grateful for this wonderful holiday time to remember all our blessings and our Savior Jesus Christ. We know that He lived and that He lived a great, perfect life. We can only hope to be more like Him each day. Thank-you to all our family and friends for everything you do. We love you, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and we wish you the best!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!!!

So, I know that it is almost Christmas, but I figure I better write about Thanksgiving first! We went to Utah to spend time with my family. It was relaxing. We both were burned out and it was a great way to recoop so we could make it two more weeks until Christmas break! Here are some pics to show you what we were up to...

One of the first things we did was have a sleepover at Kyle and Christian's new house in South Jordan. We played lots of games, and yes...Mike and Kyle did cook Christian and I breakfast. Kyle is a good influence on Mike! We should hang out with them more often!

On Thanksgiving Day, all we did was eat, eat, and eat some more. There were many, many little kids running around everywhere making lots of noise, football games, and lots of fun. We went and saw Twilight and loved it. Mike even went with me and liked it so much he is reading the books now...although I am not sure if I am supposed to say that!

For an early Christmas present, my parents got Mike some really great seats at a Jazz game. I won't bore you with anymore details of our break, but I do want to say how grateful we are for all our wonderful blessings. We have a happy life full of love and laughter and have much to be grateful for.